The recent earthquake which hit Turkey and Syria has caused a huge human tragedy. Latest estimates put the number of victims at over 41,000 people. And the death toll is unfortunately likely to increase. We are asking for your prayers at this time, and, through the global Missio network, we will be channelling funds to support our sisters and brothers in desperate need.

In light of the scale and scope of this disaster, Missio National Directors from around the world are responding to the appeals of Pope Francis to support the people of Syria and Turkey with prayer and concrete action. They have immediately launched an emergency appeal.

Please donate to Missio’s appeal

As Missio works with trusted local Church partners and missionaries, we can get financial assistance to suffering communities very quickly. Donations sent via the global Missio network are used for the immediate and, very importantly, ongoing needs of children and families impacted by devastating events.

Please click here to make a donation to Missio and choose ‘Mission Emergency Response’.

You can also donate by calling: 020 7821 9755.

How the funds will be distributed

The donations will be managed through Archbishop Emilio Nappa, President of the Pontifical Mission Societies (Missio’s global network), in coordination with of the National Directors of Turkey and Syria, who are best placed to identify the needs of the local Churches and communities.

Father Adrian Loza OFM, Missio’s National Director in Turkey says:

‘My message is an invitation to prayer and generosity, not only now, but also afterwards. After the first moments, the second and third phases will start. From mourning to reconstruction. We will have to rebuild and repair many buildings and churches to serve the people, as well as help people move forward.’

Join us in solidarity and prayer

Monsignor Mounir Saccal, National Director of Missio in Syria, says:

‘The situation in Aleppo today is catastrophic, we are surrounded by chaos and desolation. Today we bury our dead, and we understand the extent of this disaster, realising that we are unable to meet the economic needs to repair the damage on our own. Help us so that our Christian faithful who have remained continue to stay here, to preserve ‘the cradle’ of Christianity. And pray, pray that we have the strength to give comfort to our people, so that they can find faith and hope for better days.’

Thank you for joining us in responding to the crisis through your prayers and donations.

Please click here to make a donation to Missio and choose ‘Mission Emergency Response’.

You can also donate by calling: 020 7821 9755.