On a recent visit the Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain, His Excellency Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, had an important message to Missio and their supporters 2022. Here is his speech.

‘On the Holy Father’s behalf, I want to thank you all for all the work you do for Missio. As a Pontifical institution, Missio is deeply significant for me and for all of us. But it also very significant because of its name: ‘Missio’.

‘It is the nature of the Church. There is no Church without Mission. And mission is not aimed at proselytism; Missio is ‘going forth preaching’. The difference from other institutions is that you don’t preach only with words, but with charity. And this is the style of Jesus Christ.

‘We need Missio’

‘We are living in a very difficult period. You see it around yourself, and you see how difficult the preservation of peace is. We don’t know what the future is going to be like. And not only far away, but also in our own country. So, we need Missio.

‘We need Missio desperately – first to remember that there are parts of the world which are not involved in our own present situation. The whole world is not just the western world. And that world, despite all the dangers, all the troubles, is a world full of life. Full of hope.

And we need you

’We (humanity) have abandoned that world a little bit. But to nourish the hope, we need your support. We need your being ‘pilgrims of hope’, preachers of hope, supporters of hope. And for that we need help, time, passion, love, and, why not, even money!

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‘This is exactly what you do, and this is what we thank you for. Thank you, Fr Anthony, you belong to a very famous congregation, a missionary congregation – your work is very well known in Great Britain. We need you mainly because you keep the flame alive. It’s difficult to get young people today in particular, to communicate, to share this flame. But this is what we try to do, what all of you try to do. So thank you, each of you.

Necessary for humankind

‘Charity is absolutely necessary for humankind… So, your action, your collection, your way for making people responsible for everybody – this is the other point which is extremely important – we are responsible for everybody. Not only for ourselves.

‘This very strong attitude of charity, this mission of preaching of the Good Word – all these things are summarised in your name, and in your existence. And I want to thank you in the name of Pope Francis.

‘It’s important to give a sign of sharing. Because either we share, or we all shall perish. This is so clear nowadays. We cannot doubt about it. You are ‘missionaries of life’.
‘May God bless you, your families, and your endeavours’.

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Featured image: His Excellency Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti with Missio’s National Director in England and Wales, Fr Anthony Chantry.