As the Coronavirus pandemic reaches further around the world, we’re keeping in touch with our partners overseas. We remember that while we pray and support them, they too are praying for us and our loved ones.

In Sri Lanka around 150 cases of the Coronavirus have been confirmed. Stringent lockdown measures are in place. We have heard from Fr Expeditus, Rector of Our Lady of Lanka Seminary, one of our longstanding partners and part of our Sponsorship scheme. At the beginning of the new Academic Year, the seminary housed 258 students, with 151 diocesan students and 107 religious students.

‘It is extremely difficult to understand the way the things are unfolding each day as the whole world is going through this Coronavirus menace,’ says Fr Expeditus.

‘Everything seems to be at a standstill. The Seminary is closed and the brothers have been sent home.’

As part of our support of the Seminary, Missio has been funding some structural repairs to the roof. Sadly, however, these have also been put on hold.

This virus will hit those that are vulnerable the hardest. We pray for them and all of us who are suffering through loss, loneliness and uncertainty. Please donate what you can so we can ensure missionaries have what they need to meet the crisis>>

‘All of you are remembered’

Fr Expeditus thanks the global Missio family for our prayers and support. He also assures us that our sisters and brothers in Sri Lanka are praying for us.

‘The whole world is going through this very testing and difficult time. Kindly know, all of you are remembered, especially our benefactors as we have our Holy Hour every day from 5.00am to 6.00am for the whole world. Missio England and Wales, our treasured benefactors, Fr Tony and all of you are remembered in our prayers.

We wish you a grace-filled Holy Week and Easter, with every best prayerful wish and fondest regards’.

The poorest people will suffer the most

Our sisters and brothers overseas will most likely be hit hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic. If you are able, please help support missionaries and faith communities in remote areas that have no access to healthcare and are unable to wash their hands due to the lack of fresh running water. Donate>>

Please pray with us and Pope Francis for everyone affected by the virus>>