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You have helped millions of people throughout the world in 2017 through your generous and prayerful support of the Red Box

When we walk past our Red Box – whether next to the phone or on the shelf in the kitchen – it can be easy to forget the impact those pennies and prayers are having in communities from Malawi to Myanmar; from the world’s newest country of South Sudan to India.

Every penny, pound and prayer with which you fill your Red Box has made a huge difference to our sisters and brothers around the world.

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Your Red Box has helped to raise over £3 million in 2017. And through it, you’ve been helping people like Fr Henry and the community of St Thomas’s Parish in Malawi. You may have seen him on the ‘Thank You’ poster displayed in your church. Fr Henry says, ‘The Church is a community. It is a family that has to take care of itself and reaches out to others – to the whole family of God.’

Fr Henry and his parishioners
Fr Henry and his parishioners

Thank you

And that is just what you have been doing. Thanks to your support, Fr Henry is able to travel on makeshift roads for many hours to reach the remote villages which form the parish he ministers to. Anne (pictured next to Fr Henry), an elderly member of the community, says,

The priest brings to our village Christ’s presence in Holy Communion. The presence of the priest is very important. As old people, we often miss out on going to church. It makes my heart heavy. When the priest comes, Jesus has visited us. Christ comes into our villages and our homes.’

Fr Henry and the whole community are very grateful that thousands of miles away from the parish of St Thomas, their sisters and brothers here in England and Wales are praying for and supporting them.

‘Thank you for believing in us year after year. We know that the people of England and Wales continue to pray for us daily. Please know that we, too, pray for you and thank God for the love shown to us.’

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