The prayers of Sri Lankan children

The heartless terrorist attacks over Easter have devastated the Sri Lankan people and shocked the world.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka recently shared:

‘We are deeply saddened due to the tragic incidents which took place on Easter Sunday. The fact that this attack on the Churches took place when the people were at worship on the most sacred feast of Easter is indeed a cruel act… We urge our faithful and all citizens to stay calm and act with prudence and restraint… We offer our spiritual closeness to the bereaved families and pray for the repose of the souls of those who have lost their lives. Our concerned prayer is with all the injured for their speedy recovery. We also earnestly need to pray for the conversion of hearts of those who unleash violence on innocent people…’

For many years, your support of Missio’s work has enabled the Church in Sri Lanka to help disadvantaged communities break the cycles of poverty and violence.

Through education, healthcare and pastoral programmes which promote reconciliation and social cohesion, you have demonstrated your love for people who have suffered through decades of civil war and a crippling natural disaster.

Now in the face of this current wretched evil, Sri Lanka needs your prayers and support more than ever. 

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