Mission Rosary

His Holiness Pope Francis invites us all to pray the Rosary in a special way this May. Speaking from the Library of the Apostolic Vatican Palace on Sunday 26 April, the Holy Father said:

‘The month of May will begin in a few days, dedicated in a particular way to the Virgin Mary… I invite all the faithful to pray the Holy Rosary in this month together, within the family or on one’s own, and to pray one of the two prayers that I have put at everyone’s disposition.

May our Mother help us face the time we are going through with more faith and hope.’

The gift of family

In his Letter published on April 25, addressed ‘to all the faithful for the Month of May 2020’, the Pope recalls the tradition, this month, of ‘praying the Rosary at home, within the family’. He pointed out that while the pandemic restrictions have made us all appreciate family more, particularly from a spiritual point of view. He encourages us all

‘to rediscover the beauty of praying the Rosary at home in the month of May. This can be done either as a group or individually; you can decide according to your own situations, making the most of both opportunities. The key to doing this is always simplicity.’

Pope Francis has written two prayers to Our Lady, that you can recite at the end of the Rosary, and that he himself will pray in the month of May, in spiritual union with all.

Download the prayers to Our Lady here>>

‘Contemplating the face of Christ with the heart of Mary our Mother will make us even more united as a spiritual family and will help us overcome this time of trial’.

Our prayers and support make all the difference

In this time of need, please pray with Missio for all those people affected by, or serving those affected by, the COVID-19 pandemic, and find out how to order a Mission Rosary here>>

Pope Francis has set up an emergency fund to help missionaries worldwide respond to the crisis. Please give what you can>>

Update via Fides News Service.