Missio volunteers are a constant blessing. Without their dedication, commitment and hard work, we simply could not do what we do! Today we say thank you to Ann, who is stepping down as Local Secretary for the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Shropshire. Fr Tony Grace, Missio’s Diocesan Director for Shrewsbury, shared this story…

‘Recently I had the privilege to go to Shawbury in Shropshire to give the Missio Medal and Certificate to Ann. The medal, from Cardinal Vincent Nichols and National Director of Missio, Fr Anthony Chantry, was presented to Ann for her great service as a Red Box Local Secretary. She has been collecting the Red Boxes in the Parish for over 20 years.

Ann’s heart for Mission

‘Ann has been diligent in her collection of the Red Boxes. She has a great passion for the training of future missionary priests and religious Brothers and Sisters, and for helping children and families in the poorest parts of the world.

‘Ann is most committed to the Mission of the Church, and that commitment spread to all her parishioners – inspiring them to fill their Red Boxes or make donations online at missio.org.uk/redbox.

‘She is retiring in April after many years of encouraging her parishioners to support Missio, which helps the spread of the Gospel to those most in need by building Catholic schools and seminaries, and houses of formation.

A huge thank you

‘It was a lovely visit with Ann and her husband, Clifford, and one which showed her generosity and love for the Missions and the Church. She has helped realise that love in action; through generous contributions to Missio throughout her time as Local Secretary in her parish.

‘I am most grateful to all our Missio benefactors and their great support and generosity.’

Passing on a tradition of love

At Missio, we are so grateful to Ann and to all our Local Secretaries, promoters and collectors, without whom we could not ignite God’s love around the world.

Ann is passing the baton of mission to Irene, who takes over as Local Secretary for Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. Irene shares with us that when Ann stepped down from the role of Local Secretary she came forward to volunteer, as she couldn’t let this good work come to an end. She says:

‘Even if there was only one Red Box to be emptied in the parish, I would want to ensure that the money got to missions, as every penny counts’.

We give thanks for Irene and pray for her work going forward. A huge thank you to both these wonderful women for their support of Missio!

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Update November 2022

We have received the sad news that Ann died on 28 October 2022. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones. May she rest in peace.