Dear Friends, Praying the Rosary every day can help us to focus on God, instead of ourselves. As we meditate on the events in the life of Jesus Christ, we focus on Him. Our prayer of Rosary becomes a prayer of recognition of who God is and what He has done for us, and for our Salvation because of His love for humanity. When we pray Rosary, we approach Christ through Mary – his Mother and our mother, because of her special connection with Him and with us. When we turn to her in prayer, she will immediately guide us to Christ. The Rosary is one of the great defences given to us believers as a remedy against severe trials, temptations and hardships of life. Moreover, to battle against every evil that we face in our day-to-day lives.

A closeness to Mary through life

My father is the one who inspired me to pray Rosary every day. From my early childhood, I remember him sitting outside the house, facing towards the Church every evening to pray the Rosary. My mother passed away in 2003, and after this my connection to Mary, our Mother, became even more important. When I was in formation, every day I used to pray to Mother Mary ‘You are my Mother; please lead me to the altar of your Son as a Priest’. That was my prayer and intention before I recited my Rosary to Mother Mary. I repeated it every day until my ordination. And because of her grace and blessings, today I am a Priest. I trust and believe that praying Rosary every day gives me peace and happiness. It brings me closer to God and keeps my spiritual life alive.

The gift of the Rosary

Praying the Rosary every day provides me with the spiritual energy, courage and confidence to stand firm in my priestly life. It gives me peace and happiness and success in my life. To be honest, knowing that whatever I ask Mother Mary while reciting the Rosary will be heard, makes me so peaceful and happy.

My challenge to you

My personal request to you, and to all Catholic communities and families is this:
Unite in praying the Rosary everyday to encounter God more closely in your lives. Through Mary to Jesus.
Yours in Christ Fr Michael

Pray the Rosary

The Mission Rosary is a beautiful way to pray for the world.