Welcome to the webpage dedicated to you as Local Secretaries.

Below you will find some resources to help in your invaluable role as Local Secretary. If you have any suggestions about things we should include, please email redbox@missio.org.uk

Coffee and Chat

Join your Regional Community Fundraisers, Dave & Theresa, for an online coffee and a catch up on the 1st Friday of each month at 10.30am. Bring your own coffee!

We will be meeting via Zoom. Click HERE to join the meeting. Or you can enter the meeting ID: 839 8804 1406

Please contact Dave or Theresa for help with Zoom. No need to register – just log in when you want to join.

Getting in contact

If you are in Hallam, Hexham and Newcastle, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Middlesbrough or Salford dioceses, you can get resources or ask questions by contacting the Red Box team in Freshfield, Liverpool on 01704 875048 or emailing redbox@apfmillhillappeals.org.uk

If you are in Arundel and Brighton, Birmingham, Brentwood, Cardiff, Clifton, East Anglia, Menevia, Northampton, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Shrewsbury, Southwark, Westminster or Wrexham dioceses, please contact Missio in Eccleston Square on 020 7821 9755 or email redbox@missio.org.uk

You can also contact Dave Wheat and Theresa Codd, your Regional Community Fundraisers

Dave and Theresa are here to provide support to you as Local Secretaries, including training and sharing ideas. They also work across the dioceses with priests, religious and the Appealers, Missio Diocesan Directors and other volunteers to foster an understanding of Mission.

Dave has been working for the Catholic Church for over 20 years, primarily in Youth Ministry, facilitating training and support for volunteers and clergy. He is based in Wiltshire and is responsible for the dioceses of: Arundel & Brighton, Birmingham, Brentwood, Cardiff, Clifton, East Anglia, Menevia, Northampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Southwark and Westminster.

Email Dave: outreach@missio.org.uk or call 07593 544622.

Theresa is a biologist by training and has worked as a science teacher in Zimbabwe and England. Since 1996, she has worked for Catholic charities, operating in the international development arena, as a fundraiser and volunteer manager. She enjoys singing and occasionally puts pen to paper to write poetry. She is based in Merseyside and is responsible for the dioceses of: Hallam, Hexham & Newcastle, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Nottingham, Salford, Shrewsbury and Wrexham.

Email Theresa: volunteers@missio.org.uk or call 07593 544625.

Meet one another on Facebook

You can meet other Local Secretaries, share information and ideas, and see pictures from events by clicking on the Local Secretaries Facebook Group.

Red Box Appeals

If you have a question about the five-yearly Red Box Appeals, please click here.


You can order resources by filling in the form by clicking here, or by calling the office on 020 7821 9755 or by emailing redbox@missio.org.uk