Greetings from Kapit!

I really love to explore different cultures and traditions. I am learning and unlearning many things as time moves on with the people here. I am blessed and happy to be here as a missionary Priest.

A land of plenty

I personally say that this is a land of plenty, because God has given the people a good heart for sharing. What I notice is that, even though people are not rich, they share what they have with others. I see that everywhere here in east Malaysia in the people with whom I live. They remind me that I never really went hungry or thirsty, but always had more than enough.

I am so happy and blessed to be working here with people of Kapit, which feels like my second home. It’s a new and adventurous journey for me, as I come into the fifth year of my priesthood.

The challenges of the pandemic

But this place has its own challenges, which is a part of life. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people here are really facing lot of challenges and difficulties. This is especially true for the daily bread winners and small business people, because of lockdown.

The Churches have been closed completely from the beginning of 2021, as the cases in the State reach higher numbers every day. COVID-19 has even spread to the long houses and is very difficult to control.

Many poor people have lost their jobs because they are paid on a daily basis. They need our help for the daily sustenance of their families. Also, very important is the work of encouraging them in their faith, praying with them and bringing them the hope that only God can give.

People here are eagerly waiting for the opening of the Churches for their spiritual nourishment the Holy Eucharist. We hope that soon we will receive some new life in the coming days by the grace of God.

I earnestly ask all those who are reading this article of mine to pray for me in your daily prayers. I too pray for your families and for your special intentions. Thank you.

God bless you all.

Fr Michael 

How you can help

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