Pray and reflect with Missio today and over the Easter Triduum.

When they came to the place called the Skull, they crucified him there, along with the criminals.

– Luke 23:33-42

The horror and cruelty human beings can inflict on each other is all too evident in our wounded world. In Cameroon, violent civil war has torn communities apart, leaving many people dead and many more families homeless and destitute.

I pray and ask God, why don’t you act?

Why don’t you do something?

Then I remember he has; he made me.

Into this darkness, missionaries and lay missionaries are pouring God’s love and light. With your help, they have been opening their parishes and their hearts to internally displaced people, helping them with housing, food, clothing and education.

A message from Cameroon

Margaret, a lay volunteer in the Mill Hill parish of the Holy Trinity Church, Limbe has been working to ensure children can safely return to school. She sent this update:

‘Here we are very well and not yet affected by the pandemic. The Children you are paying school fees for are doing well. Some who came here last year returned to their homes as calm returned, but some areas keep being nightmares.

However, the good news is that these Children can already go to school here in town with little or no interruption, even though they continue to be internally displaced persons living in very difficult situations. By God’s grace, 15 of those benefiting from your donations will complete Primary School.

One of the young fellows left secondary school in form two and is presently doing studies as a laboratory technician. His Aunt is helping him too. He keeps saying I saved him, but I tell him you did it. He is very happy.

He tells me when he starts work he will pay school fees too for another child. I was touched by that statement.

Thank you for the support you continue to galvanise for us. Remain blessed as we remember each other at prayer time.’


may I never forget

that with each kind word

and merciful act,

I help to create a culture of love,

that counteracts a culture of hate.

Remind me that my love makes a difference.

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