Missio is hoping to raise a few smiles and a few pounds during these difficult times by encouraging families, households, church groups and communities to fundraise during lockdown.

Usually at this time of year, our school supporters from across England and Wales get ready to hold fundraisers for Missio through Mission Together, our children’s branch, in the form of pancake races and flipping contests.

Sadly, because of lockdown, many of these events can’t take place. And without those awesome schools fundraising together, Missio can’t reach all the families around the world who need our help and hope.

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The need is greater than ever

Unsurprisingly over the course of 2020 Missio’s income, like many charities, took a hit. People here in the UK have been suffering and we have been reaching out through prayer and communication to help and support wherever we can.

COVID-19 has brought huge challenges to communities globally that are poor or in need. Many of our sisters and brothers overseas have lost their income, including many missionaries who live in their communities and depend on small stipends and donations to survive.

Missio is still committed to helping every one of the 1,070 mission dioceses across the world. But we can’t do it without help from our supporters in England and Wales.

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Make it a family affair

While people are stuck at home, and only communicating online in large part, Mission Together have come up with a way to take our fundraising efforts online.

We are inviting everyone to join our online ‘Flipping Fantastic Fundraiser’ and help us bridge the fundraising gap! That means you, your family, student group, chaplaincy, community and friends, from the littlest sibling to great-grandparents.

All you need to do is make a pancake and get sponsored to flip it as many times as you can!

How to get involved:

1) Download our sponsor form at missio.org.uk/pancake and collect some sponsors

2) Make your pancake and get filmed flipping it as many times as you can!

3) Share it with us on Social Media, using the hashtag #MissioPancakes and tag us @MissioUK

4) Collect your sponsorship money and send it to Missio

And of course, enjoy eating your pancake… provided you have not dropped it!

You can do your flip any time up to and including Shrove Tuesday – it does not have to happen on the day. 

If you’re feeling camera shy, don’t worry – as long as your sponsors are happy you’ve done your flips, so are we!

Come on and help put the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’!