As you will have read in our Christmas Appeal, children in Chennai already face many challenges including poverty and displacement. But we have just heard from our partner, Sister Nirmala, that a new, more immediate threat has engulfed them in the form of Cyclone Michaung.

Our partners are caught in the storm

The severe cyclonic storm has battered India’s southern states, killing nine people and leaving thousands homeless and in need of evacuation. Houses have collapsed and schools, colleges and businesses have had to close due to the perilously rising flood waters. Chennai’s IT electronics and manufacturing district have also closed. And power, water supply and public transport have all ground to a halt.

Please pray for the people of Chennai and for the Sisters as they try to help them. If you can, please donate to our Christmas Appeal so we can continue to support them.

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‘Pray for our children’

Yesterday Sr Nirmala managed to get a message out to us. She shared:

‘The situation is very bad. Cyclone Michaung affected Chennai very much. We are without electricity and water. Rain has flooded people’s houses and they are in the shelter.

‘Pray for our children. Even now I am sitting in the dark using another person’s mobile to send this message. Water level is increasing on our street, but so far we are safe. Boats and helicopters are rescuing the people. We are arranging food for them and the government is also trying to provide food and shelter for them.’

Please help

More than ever, it is vital to send support to Sr Nirmala and her fellow Sisters, so they can continue to help the families who are most vulnerable and likely to be overlooked in this crisis. Please join us to pray for the people of Chennai and all those affected, and if you can, donate to our Christmas Appeal so we can continue to support Sr Nirmala’s vital work.

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