Mill Hill Missionaries hand out emergency supplies in Baswar

India has been hit hard not only by the Coronavirus pandemic, but by the restrictions of lockdown. With many workers suddenly unemployed and families in great need, your help has been more vital than ever.

Thanks to you, and through our partners the Mill Hill Missionaries, we’ve been able to ease the suffering of people in five missionary parishes in India throughout the crisis. They have sent these messages of thanks and hope.

Baswar Mission

‘Baswar Mission is a small parish in Ambikapur Diocese. It comprises eight small villages in remote jungle areas. Because of their remote location, the people here remain socially unnoticed and economically disadvantaged. Most people are agricultural workers, living on daily wages and many of the women are at home running the households. But some people have gone to work in the cities as labourers and cooks.

‘With the outbreak of COVID-19 most of these people have lost their jobs and are now desperately struggling to survive. Although the government has distributed ration cards, a lot of people in this parish have been overlooked and aren’t eligible for food from the local government.

‘When we received the relief fund from Missio, we initially selected 250 families in the direst need. These people are mostly the poorest, those who are elderly, or who are migrant workers. But then we saw so many more desperate people, and in the end were able to help 300 families with rice, dahl, oil and salt as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) and other vital supplies.

‘We are deeply thankful to Missio in England and Wales for supporting our poor people who are in most need right now. Their prayers will not be in vain. We assure our prayers to you; may God bless your cheerful and generous hearts.’

– Fr Robin.

You can continue to support Missio and our Mill Hill partners here>>

Vishunpur Mission

‘Many greetings and prayers from Vishunpur Mission, Ambikapur Diocese. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for supporting our mission in this desperate situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Our country is being very badly hit by positive Coronavirus cases. There are number of cases being recorded daily and because of this people are scared. There is no social life, no freedom, and in many places, family life is breaking down. Millions of people here live on their daily wages, but now there is no work for them. People are struggling for their livelihood.

‘Despite all the difficulties and struggles in life, we still say God is great, because He kept us alive.

‘On 15 June, we received donations from Missio. We had a short meeting with Sisters and Catechists from different villages, to see how we could help. We decided to distribute rice, oil, dahl, salt, soaps, masks and sanitisers.

‘As soon as we received money, we put the plan into action. As a team we went from one village to the next, distributing to needy families. In this way we were able to help 162 families – not only Catholics but anyone who needed help. This also helped us to reach out to non-Christian families to show the love of Christ.

‘As a parish team, we wholeheartedly thank you for being a support for our mission. May God continue to bless you in all your undertakings.’ – Fr Suresh.

Thank you for your life-changing help

Throughout the pandemic and beyond, your help is often the difference between life and death for our poorest brothers and sisters around the world. Thanks to you, our missionary partners are bringing practical help and spiritual healing to families who have nobody to help them. We are so very grateful for every penny, pound and prayer you share with Missio, and we pray for you daily as part of our global family.

Although our relief fund is now winding down, there are still people throughout the world in need of our help and prayers. If you are able, you can donate online to the Red Box, or send a donation to wherever the need is greatest.

And you can always pray with us, for all those in need of Christ’s healing love.