The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is likely to go far beyond those people who contract the illness. In many countries that are poor, lockdowns and slowing economies will mean people already living in poverty are likely to see their situations get much worse.

The quarantine imposed in Peru has brought about a ‘semi-paralysis or the economy,’ say reporters from the country.

The crisis is likely to bring out the worst in humanity, but also the best. In Peru, several dioceses are bringing the light of Jesus to communities where the emergency is leaving people with nothing.

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Delivering God’s love to your door

The diocese of Chosica, near Lima, has been concerned about the most vulnerable families. They can’t obtain food during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Thankfully, parish priests from the diocese are preparing and delivering emergency packages with food and non-perishable products for people in need in the several districts throughout the diocese. Priests are delivering to every home where families are living in extreme poverty or cannot purchase or access supplies.

Spreading help and hope

Other dioceses are working on similar projects. In the diocese of Lurín, around 50 parishes have come together to help the neediest households in southern Lima: the people most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

A local priest in Lurínhas invited the community to help the most underprivileged Peruvians in a concrete way. They’re providing the basic needs people are so desperate for. Since 27 March, 18,000 baskets of essential items have been delivered to families living in southern Lima.

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Together we can bring vital help to the world’s poorest people

Here in the UK, we’re already feeling the impact of the Coronavirus as it impacts our families and loved ones. But we also know that many of our sisters and brothers in the world’s poorest places will feel its effects far more fiercely. In a recent message, Fr Ignatius in Nairobi told us:

‘The situation is dire. The plight of those hundreds of thousands of people locked down in the slums, where there is no running water and cramped, unhygienic conditions, does not bear thinking about.’

In this frightening and unprecedented time, we’re working with the global Missio network to support all missionaries working in the poorest and most vulnerable communities. With your help, we can ensure that missionaries can keep themselves safe as they bring vital help to people in desperate need.

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