We are delighted to share the good news that Fr Vincent Mwakhwawa – former National Director of Missio Malawi, and a familiar face to many of our supporters here in England and Wales – was consecrated to the office of Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lilongwe on Saturday 20 January.

The Consecration ceremony was held at Civo Stadium in the capital city of Lilongwe. Catholic Bishops from Malawi and neighbouring countries joined to support Bishop Vincent on this special day; along with Missio Diocesan Directors from all the Catholic dioceses in Malawi, and other Missio officials from around the world.

We give thanks for the Right Reverend Bishop Vincent Fredrick Mwakhwawa and pray that God will continue to guide his ministry and his mission in Christ.

Thanks and prayers

Bishop Mwakhwawa expressed gratitude to the Holy Father for trusting him to serve the Church in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, together with Archbishop George Desmond Tambala. He reaffirmed his readiness to support the Church in its missionary work to help many Christians know the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Archbishop Gian Luca Perici, the Apostolic Nuncio to Malawi and Zambia, congratulated Bishop Vincent for accepting the calling, and urged the new Shepherd to remain vigilant as he discharges his daily duties.

Fr Anthony Chantry, National Director of Missio England and Wales, shared:

‘We are overjoyed to hear the news of the appointment for Fr Vincent as Auxiliary Bishop of Lilongwe. He was a wonderful National Director of Missio in Malawi and I have happy memories of our visit to Malawi in 2019 when he hosted us.

‘Bishop Vincent will make a very effective pastor with his infectious smile and joyful disposition, along with his deep faith. We pray for a continuing fruitful, mutually beneficial relationship with the Church in Malawi.’

A commemorative poem

This lovely poem was written for Bishop Vincent on the occasion of his consecration, by a seminarian from St Anthony’s Major Seminary in Malawi.

Manete in Christo “Remain in Christ”

Rt Rev Vincent, shepherd so true,
In Christ’s love, we’re guided by you.
Your wisdom and grace, a guiding light,
In Christ’s embrace, our souls take flight.
With steadfast faith, you lead the way,
In Christ’s love, you teach and pray.
Your words inspire, your kindness shines,
In Christ’s love, our hearts align.
Remain in Christ, our Bishop dear,
In Him find strength, in Him draw near.
With gratitude and love, our voices raise,
In Christ’s love, we offer our praise.
Rt Rev Vincent, in Christ’s embrace,
Your guidance and care, we humbly embrace.
In Christ’s love, we stand as one,
With gratitude and love, our journey’s begun.
By Ainamani Christopher

New faces

Sadly for Missio, his new appointment has coincided with the end of Bishop Vincent’s second term as the National Director of Missio in Malawi; a post he has held since 2013.

Nevertheless we welcome Fr Peter Ephraim Madeya as the new Missio Director for Malawi. Fr Peter comes from the Catholic Diocese of Dedza and will take up office on 25 January 2024.

Fr Peter was born in October 1981 and ordained as a Priest for the Catholic Diocese of Dedza in August 2011. He has served as deputy Parish Priest and Parish Priest in two Parishes. He has also been a Missio Diocesan Director, and president of the Diocesan Finance, Investments, and Administration (FIA) board.

A warm Missio welcome to Fr Peter. We pray that your new role will bring you closer to Christ each day and wish you all the best for your ministry!