We love getting out and about and meeting our volunteers and supporters. And after two years of disruption, it has been great to reinstate our regular Missio Red Box parish visits! During June and July, Missio Red Box holders, volunteers and supporters in Clifton Diocese gathered for special Missio Masses. We came together to celebrate the Beatification of one of our founders, Blessed Pauline Jaricot.

Blessed Pauline Jaricot was a lay woman of formidable faith, who worked with and served the poor people of her home town Lyon every day. But she also had a heart for overseas mission. In 1882 she formed small groups to support missionaries overseas through prayer and penny donations. She was declared Blessed in May 2022 in Lyon, France.

So it’s fitting that during June and July, groups of Missio supporters gathered across Clifton Diocese to honour Blessed Pauline’s global legacy!

Off to a great start in Westbury-on-Trym

In June, Bishop Declan Lang celebrated Mass along with Missio’s Diocesan Director for Clifton – Fr Gary Brassington – along with diocesan clergy at Sacred Heart, Westbury-on-Trym.

Fr Anthony Chantry, Missio’s National Director, attended the Mission Mass and preached on the ‘Spirit of Mission’ that is inside us all. He encouraged us to go out and proclaim the Gospel without fear; explaining how Blessed Pauline Jaricot was often mocked by those around her in the Church for supporting missionary work, but nonetheless carried on. We can be inspired by her humble and devout faith in God and in her mission.

To read more about Blessed Pauline’s life and legacy, click here>>

A big ‘thank you’ in Taunton

The joyful celebration of mission continued in July, as Missio went on a brief tour of the Diocese.

At St George’s Parish in Taunton, we got to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Phil Jones (left) who is stepping down as Local Secretary St George’s parish in Taunton after 12 years. Phil has been involved with Red Box collections for over 25 years, and was awarded a Silver Medal by Fr Kevin Hughes MHM.

Phil hands over the role of Local Secretary to Clare (right), who has already been a Promoter in the parish. She says:
‘I’ve been Local Secretary for a few years now and I’ve really enjoyed the role. It’s a great way to be involved in parish life and get to know people. I feel it’s in a safe pair of hands with Clare. I’ll still support her as a Promoter and Red Box holder’.
Thank you Phil and Clare, God bless you both for your hard work on Missio’s behalf!

A mini-mission of love and friendship!

We also celebrated Masses in Stonehouse and Corsham last month. Each Mass was a real cause of joy. Parish groups, face-to-face contact and praying together are such an integral part of Missio’s work. In each venue we felt so welcome and it was great to meet our volunteers and supporters, and see your brilliant efforts for Missio and our mission.

Br Eddie Slawinski MHM, who is an active Appealer on behalf of the Mill Hill Missionaries and the Red Box, joined us too. After each Mass, Fr Gary Brassington thanked the Missio Local Secretaries and Promoters for everything they do. He discussed how, in working with Br Eddie, the Diocese can keep promoting Missio’s work and broaden its reach by expanding the Diocesan Mission team (represented by Deacon Paul Thompson, Mary and Maria). The Mass at St George’s Taunton was offered for Br Eddie Slawinski’s mother who had passed away after a long illness.

A big thank you goes to all the parish communities for hosting these celebrations and to our wonderful Volunteers and Supporters for making the journey to celebrate with us. More Masses across the diocese are happening in 2023.

Join us in our mission!