Handing out essential supplies during COVID-19

St. Jude’s Parish in Fundong, Cameroon is a Mill Hill Mission project catering to around 27,000 parishioners. Already coping with a humanitarian crisis caused by conflict in the country, Fr Noah MHM and his team now face the added complication of COVID-19. He updates us on how they’re coping and how Missio supporters have helped.

‘Fundong has been hit by the Anglophone crisis which has left many young people dead. Some people have fled to other places in the Francophone parts of Cameroon; young people have been forced out of school. Early pregnancy and marriages, rape and destruction of property are the order of the day.

‘This has been going on for the last four years. There is no any sign of the end of the crisis. People are now becoming used to it.

Crisis upon crisis

‘And now another deadly Pandemic has hit the entire world. In Fundong we are not exempt from COVID-19. We already have cases and,worse still, we cannot trace the vehicles that transported those people and the people they mixed with. So everyone is at risk.

‘Despite COVID-19 and Anglophone crisis, business is going on. People are selling and others are buying. In this kind of atmosphere it is very easy for the spread of the virus. There are no strict rules in place. The bars are still open, Markets and public spaces are still open. Since there is so much free movement, we are just on alert. Anything can happen.

‘Our Churches in Cameroon have been allowed to have public Masses since Palm Sunday. We started with around 50 people in the Church, keeping social distance. Now we have 200 people in the Church and are trying to keep the social distance in place. We have two Masses on Sundays.

Meeting the needs

‘Thanks to an emergency grant from Missio, we’re now able to make things safer and spread awareness and education in our mission stations. During Masses people were turning out without face masks, so we ordered 2,000 of them for people coming to Church.

‘We now have tap buckets placed at the entrance of each mission station and also in some strategic public places. Most places don’t have tap water so they have to carry water from the streams. But people can now wash their hands regularly. With your help we’ve also bought hand sanitisers for the stations and soap to use in the Church and market places.

‘Meanwhile, we’ve also bought antibacterial spray so we can disinfect our Church in Fundong. We hope and pray that these things you have helped us to buy will help to safeguard us against this deadly pandemic of COVID-19. We still pray for the vaccine to be discovered.

Funding Fundong

‘Our people are being hit hard, but your donations will indeed help them get the things they need to safeguard themselves against this deadly pandemic. This is part of our mission of taking care of the lives of the people.

Thank you for coming to our aid in these twin crises of COVID-19 and the Anglophone conflict. The donation has come up at the time we need it most.’

Thank you so much

Missio is so grateful to everyone who has donated during the COVID-19 crisis. Your prayers and gifts have truly saved lives.

Our Emergency Fund is now drawing to a close. But our partners the Mill Hill Missionaries still need our help. By donating via the Red Box, or choosing to give to ‘wherever the need is greatest’, you’ll ensure we can help keep more people safe and healthy, today and into the future.

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