Missio’s new Beatitude school workshop: building God’s Kingdom one box at a time

students try to fit as many of their classmates into the giant red box as they can
Red Box challenge

How do we build good relationships? This was the question Year 9 students at Holy Family Catholic School, Keighley, explored during Missio’s new Beatitude workshop.

Inspired by Jesus’ famous sermon, the students explored the word ‘righteousness’. They considered its original meaning: fostering positive relationships with God and each other. Missio highlighted Jesus’ observation, that building positive relationships with those close to home and far away brings blessing. And we asked students what qualities they felt were necessary to build these connections and so be missionaries of God’s love.

How many students can you fit in a Red Box?

The students got involved with real enthusiasm. They created a giant Missio Red Box and decorated it with qualities they felt built good relationships. Their suggestions were inspiring; so many young people provided thoughtful explanations for why they thought qualities like forgiveness, empathy, communication and cooperation were important. We then set the students a challenge to test their own ability to communicate and cooperate with each other: to fit as many classmates in their giant Missio box as possible!

These young people made such great efforts to succeed and beat previous top scores. And in doing so, they highlighted the lesson behind the activity: that if we can apply as much determination to achieve Christ’s challenge to be missionaries of God’s love to all, we can share blessings with many and build God’s kingdom on earth.

Missio would like to say a big ‘thank you!’ to the Year 9 students at Holy Family, for their warm welcome and participation in the Beatitudes workshop. Thanks also to the Holy Family Leadership team who have chosen to place a ‘real’ Red Box in each form classroom. We truly appreciate Holy Family’s support.

Bring Missio to your school

If you’re interested in hosting a Beatitude workshop or one of our many other workshops at your school, please contact claire@missio.org.uk for details. You can also find online information about workshops, and other resources for secondary school students.