Fr Kevin Hughes is a Mill Hill Missionary Priest who has worked in Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda Malaysia and the Phillippines.

In this series of short films, he explores the essence of Mission, through the lens of Pope Francis’ encyclical, Evangelii Gaudium.

Film 1: What is Mission?

Film 2: The community of faith

When the Church puts on her glasses in the morning, what is the filter through which she sees the world? 

How do we bring mission to people who do not know Christ? Fr Kevin explores how we can share the joy of the Gospel with those near and far. 

Film 3: An encounter with Christ

Film 4: Walking the path

Fr Kevin explores how we encounter the mercy of God through the sacraments. 

Fr Kevin reflects on the challenges – and the importance – of walking God’s path in a modern world.

Film 5: Filled with the Spirit

Film 6: Being Church

Fr Kevin explores the role, calling and mission of women and men within the global Church.

Fr Kevin explores how, to proclaim the Gospel effectively, the Church must adopt a missionary model. 

Film 7: The social dimension

Film 8: Called to share

Fr Kevin explores the social dimension of mission and discipleship.

Fr Kevin discusses the newness of life in the Spirit. 

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