We can hardly believe it’s nearly a whole year since we celebrated the Beatification of Blessed Pauline Jaricot, one of Missio’s founders. We look back on a year of joy and renewal, and the legacy of this inspiring lay woman of formidable faith.

An inspiration to many

At 19, Blessed Pauline Jaricot established a penny collection among her father’s employees: the first social missionary network. Two hundred years later, Missio continues the work she inspired. It’s from Pauline’s foundations that we continue to build a vibrant missionary family around the world. So her Beatification last year was especially joyful and inspiring for the Missio family around the world.

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A day to remember…

Blessed Pauline Jaricot was beatified on 22 May 2022, in a wonderful celebration in her hometown of Lyon in France. We came together with the faithful from around the world, and the ripples of renewal and inspiration spread out across Europe and beyond.

Prominent among the guests at Blessed Pauline’s were the Tran family. Mayline Tran is central to Blessed Pauline’s journey to Sainthood, after a miraculous recovery from a coma when she was just three and a half, attributed to the intervention of Blessed Pauline Jaricot.

Speaking about the Beatification, Emmanuel Tran, Mayline’s father thanked the Missio family in England and Wales for their prayers, saying:

‘We were ALL together that very day! In our hearts and prayers. We shall meet in person some day.’

The Tran family has remained close to the global Missio network, sharing our message and supporting our work. Emmanuel told us:

‘We pray for whole the [Missio] community… We owe them so much, as well as Pauline.’

… and a great year to follow!

During the months following the Beatification, we met our supporters across England and Wales to share Blessed Pauline’s wonderful legacy. Her life inspired so many of us and reminded us that each one of us is called to mission – whatever our circumstances. A Missio supporter shared how Pauline inspired her:

‘Pauline chose to forge her own path and through her belief in God, created an international network of prayer and charity before technology became a part of everyday life.’

In France, a stage production entitled Les Mystères de Pauline met with great enthusiasm, and earlier this year, a musical entitled Pauline – Courage changes the world received a standing ovation on its opening night in Austria. Missio’s National Director in Austria, P. Karl Wallner, shared his response to the show, and why Blessed Pauline’s story still resonates 200 years later:

‘I am deeply touched by this musical. The actors … bring the life of the blessed Pauline Marie Jaricot to the stage in a brilliant way. We live in a time of crisis and frustration. Pauline Jaricot also lived in a time when society was not doing well.’

Connected through faith

Perhaps it is this connection – that Blessed Pauline was a woman who chose to commit herself to God’s mission just where she was, and with all the limitations, grief and frustrations of life – which is the most inspiring thing about her. She shows us that, wherever we think we are, and whatever we have to offer, God can put us to use. As she said herself:

‘God’s spirit creates the best works with the weakest tools. Giving never impoverishes.’

 Through her network, she also showed us that we are not alone in our mission; rather we are bound through God’s love to each other, and undertake the healing of our world as one family.  It is this spirit which calls us all to mission, just as it called Blessed Pauline 200 years ago.

What Pauline continues to teach us

While Pauline herself died in poverty and obscurity, her mission lives on. Through prayer networks, Masses and conferences, the Missio family has continued to spread the message to an ever wider audience. Here in England and Wales, Blessed Pauline’s work continues through the Red Box – and every penny, pound and prayer you share with us goes to help missionaries across the globe; just as her penny collections did 200 years ago. Dave Wheat, Missio’s Regional Community Fundraiser, shared:

‘I feel a connection with Blessed Pauline because she was able to see the needs of others and put them before herself. My Dad was a teacher and my Mum a nurse, so coming from a family where the care of others was just part of my upbringing, I know the importance of walking alongside people who needs support. Pauline became increasingly closer to God and her mission to bring light and hope to dark and challenging situations is one that inspires me and my family to continue to walk alongside those in need.’

Share with us!

Thank you for being part of our family and our mission! Through your prayers and donations, we continue to make big changes to the lives of our sisters and brothers across the world.

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