Anslem praying in Cameroon

In many mission dioceses there are increasing numbers of students for the priesthood and religious life. As their communities are poor, they must undertake their training with very basic facilities and scarce resources.

Missio is the only funding organisation in the Church which guarantees a place for all who are accepted for formation in mission dioceses.

This is a unique role the Pope has given to Missio.

Through Missio, you can play a vital part in creating a vibrant Catholic Church for the future.

Message from Cameroon

Here is a message from a young man training to be a Priest in Cameroon:

‘My name is Anselm and I’m training to be a Priest at St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary. I wanted to be a priest from the time I was nine. I joined a minor seminary at age 11 and major seminary at 18.

‘The first diocese in Cameroon was a Mill Hill Missionaries diocese. It’s a very old diocese and I was an altar server there. It was through the example of the Parish Priest, Fr Peter Droog MHM that I reached a turning point in my vocation. Fr Peter was Parish Priest for 27 years. Many found their way to Church through him – his life was an example: to love the Blessed Sacrament, love the Rosary, and sing beautifully. I want to be like that.

‘The Lord is everything to me. My favourite Bible verse is John 15:5 – “Apart from me, you can do nothing”. This speaks to me.

‘As a priest I want to help people to know God and find out what God means to you – to help you live the life God wants you to live and help as many people know God deeply.

‘My message to our supporters in England and Wales is this: with God, you are everything. He has never given up on us, so we can never give up on him!’ 

With your help

When you support a seminarian, you’re building the Church of tomorrow, today.

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Thank you. Any gift you can make to Missio for the training of future Priests will make a real difference to our Church family overseas.

You can sponsor a seminarian individually, or as a family, a community or a parish project. If you can commit to £500 annually for the final four years of a seminarian’s training before ordination, we can offer you the name of a student so you can pray for each other and, if you wish, correspond.

For more information about how you can support the training of a future Priest, please call 020 7821 9755 during office hours, click here, or email