We support our partners, the Mill Hill Missionaries, through the Red Box. During the COVID pandemic, Mill Hill Priests continue to bring practical help and spiritual support to their parishioners. Fr Michael Corcoran MHM, General Superior of St Joseph’s Missionary Society, reflects on bringing hope in a crisis. 

What we have experienced during the pandemic and what the world is going through this year will be spoken about for generations to come. When people look back on 2020, they will tell the story of how the world had to pause – travel was suspended, people had to isolate themselves from one another and had to learn new ways to study, to communicate, and do business. They will speak of  how new opportunities were found for people to gather virtually – not only for lessons, socialising and decision-making – but also for prayer and the praise of God.

I have seen the prayerful and creative use of various online platforms that have brought encouragement, through God’s word, to his scattered people during this critical time. With isolation and lockdown, we have missed the visits and the ‘coming together’ whether for worship, work, sporting or social occasions. I hope that many of us have had more time to reflect and tune in to God and consider what God may be saying to us.

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Words of hope

I am sure that many people have grown closer to God through this crisis. Our forced seclusion and restricted personal freedoms have certainly reminded us that we are not invincible, and we are far from being in control of everything. We are quite dependent on each other in our global family and on God. Life is precious and fragile; love and family are fundamental to our safety and wellbeing. Not only is our physical health important, but also our mental, emotional and spiritual health. They all need to be nourished if we are to truly ‘keep body and soul together’.

The words that have leapt out at me during this critical time have been ‘trust’, ‘hope’, ‘life’, ‘love’ and ‘truth’. In our relationship with God and with each other, and through prayer, we continue to welcome each new day with freshness.

Serving communities in crisis

The Mill Hill Missionaries are an international fellowship of Catholic missionaries. We’re dedicated to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people throughout the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to your loving generosity, they have been able to bring help and hope to communities where the pandemic has compounded conflict, poverty and hardship.


With cases of Coronavirus confirmed in the area around Kembong parish, many workers have lost their jobs, and many families are unable to fetch food without putting themselves at risk. With your help, our Mill Hill partners have delivered vital food rations, as well as soap, sanitiser and face masks to families across more than 15 mission stations. Fr Richard MHM shared:

‘I bring to you hearts of gratitude for this great gesture of solidarity, when the whole world is locked down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. May the good Lord replenish your store’.


Turda Parish spreads across several small islands and each are home to around 600 families. Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, people have lost livelihoods. Now, many families have even more mouths to feed as workers, dismissed from their jobs, are returning back to their family homes. Sadly, the coastguard has banned fishing, removing a vital source of food. Thanks to you, parish volunteers have delivered rice to hundreds of hungry families. Fr John Paul MHM shared:

‘Missio has shown us that God does not fail and that the Church reaches out to her children in times of distress. The people of Turda Parish know that the world has not abandoned them’.

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