Malawi: We are all called to share God’s love

‘Here I am, send me!’ Isaiah 6:8

In 2020, World Mission Sunday was on 18 October. On this day through prayer, reflection and material help we expressed our support of missionaries from all continents who continue striving to preach and live the Gospel among those have yet to receive the Good News that God loves them.

Missio asked the faithful of England and Wales to support the missionary work of the Church in Malawi and throughout the world, through prayers and financial support:

We are all called to share God’s love

Sister Nilceia at the Lisanjala Health Clinic in MalawiSister Nilcéia has responded to God’s call by devoting her life to vulnerable people. More specifically, the practical care and spiritual nourishment of children in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. Originally from Brazil, Sr Nilcéia now runs educational and nutritional programmes for children and teenagers.

Recently, as a result of growing need, Sr Nilcéia created a programme for young mothers and their babies, with the support of Missio donors. She shares: ‘The programme I’ve created for babies and pregnant girls is going well. Peter, our healthcare assistant, measures the babies’ development and makes sure they are growing properly. The women receive medicine, sugar and soap. The soap is to wash the baby and the sugar is for the mother because supplying food is difficult because of the pandemic… We Sisters don’t have any resource or income; we live through donations and at the moment, donations are very few’.

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‘We love God and we love his people’

When we ask Sr Nilcéia about her faith and her dedication to the families in the remote Malawian countryside, she is eager to explain: ‘Our small clinic, a red brick building in the dusty landscape, is an oasis of hope. Despite the challenges, we persevere in this work because we love God and we love his
people. I believe in the goodness of God and we serve as Jesus did. But sometimes, the darkness seems very dark.

‘I remember delivering Linda’s baby, a little boy called Blessing. Linda was just 15 years old, with mental health problems, and she had been abused and raped by a much older man. Linda’s family couldn’t help, so she came to live with me and the other Sisters. After he was born, Blessing contracted malaria.

‘After a month or so, Blessing went to live with his grandmother, and we provided milk for him every week. But when he was just 10 months old, Blessing died. He was malnourished. It turned out his grandparents had been giving the milk to another child.

‘I cry when I think of Blessing; he didn’t have to die. But this is a broken world. Our only hope is in God, who is with us through the sadness. It was our privilege to love Linda and baby Blessing when it mattered most.

Sister Nilceia, caring for babies in one of the poorest countries in the world‘The need here in Malawi is great. But the Lord is faithful and we continue to serve. We take courage from knowing you are with us in this mission’.

Your generosity and prayers on World Mission Sunday mean that people like Sr Nilcéia keep loving, serving and sharing God’s grace. She is just one example of many selfless missionaries who live and work amongst some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

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Missio empowers the Catholic Church globally, showing the love of Christ to everyone, and especially to those in need. Your donations keep health clinics and schools open, train tomorrow’s generation of Priests and Sisters, and create a vibrant Catholic Church for the future.

On World Mission Sunday, please join with Missio to help missionaries rescue more vulnerable children. You can give a child a new home, show them how much God loves them and change their life forever. By supporting Missio, you play a valuable part in creating a vibrant Catholic Church for the future.

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Read Sr Nilcéia’s most recent update HERE

And here is a video message from Sr Nilcéia: