The tragedy of the Easter terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka killed at least 253 people on Easter Sunday this year. So in response the Sri Lankan government is establishing a special ‘Council for reconciliation between religions’. Representatives of the Buddhist faith have encouraged the concept of establishing this Council. It aims to build coexistence and understanding between the different religions in Sri Lankan society.

Freedom of faith

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the Council will include religious leaders from all faith communities in Sri Lanka. He recalled that, regardless of religious beliefs, everyone should have the right to practice their faith freely.

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic nation with 22 million inhabitants, who are mostly Buddhists. But there are also Christian, Muslim and Hindu minorities. Muslims represent almost 10% of the population; Christians around 7.4% (6.1% Catholics and 1.3% Protestants).

‘A wise move’

Robert Thilakaratne, a local Catholic layman, said that establishing the Council was ‘a wise move by the government’. He said: ‘It will serve to promote solidarity, understanding, harmony, peace and brotherhood, which the country really needs’.

Missio in Sri Lanka

Your support of Missio’s work has enabled the Church in Sri Lanka to help disadvantaged communities break the cycles of poverty and violence for many years.

With your support, Missio has funded educational, healthcare and pastoral programmes which promote reconciliation and social cohesion. Please continue to demonstrate your love for people who have suffered through decades of civil war and the crippling Tsunami of 2004. You can read more about the work Missio supports in Sri Lanka, and if you are able, donate to help us reach more people in need.

Update via Fides News service



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