The diocese of Tombura-Yambioin South Sudan recently organised its second annual diocesan meeting for children and young people. The three-day event focused on the theme ‘Girl power South Sudan and boy power South Sudan’. It emphasised that children and young people are the hope and future of the Church and society in South Sudan. An initiative of the Bishop of Tombura-Yambio, Mgr Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, the gathering encouraged hundreds of young people aged 15-25, members of associations and movements within the local Church to take part.

‘The hope of tomorrow’

At the opening of the conference, Bishop Hiiboro invited the young people to ‘be inspired by Christ, to set a good example and be models for their peers’. He said that ‘the fruits of this meeting can be visible only if they live what they learned during the conference, trying to put the Gospel into practice’. He also invited parents to take care of their children because ‘they are the future and the hope of tomorrow’.

Diocesan chaplain, Fr Benjamin Wasi, defined the meeting as‘a life-changing event’. Another priest, Fr Baptist Karim, spoke about the importance of protecting the environment. Meanwhile Fr Andrea Mbuniwia, together with the young people,explored the theme of the ‘sanctity of daily life’, bringing numerous examples of the lives of saints.

Among those present, Gbudue State Governor Daniel Badagbu told the youth to ‘take care of themselves and preserve themselves in all their beauty’.

The event ended with a Holy Mass on the solemnity of the Holy Trinity. During the celebration, the young people committed themselves to living and bringing a testimony of life according to the Gospel of Christ.

Missio in South Sudan

We featured our work in South Sudan during World Mission Sunday in 2017. There is still conflict and unrest, great poverty, and last year some areas narrowly avoided famine.

There is much work to do, but there is hope as well. With your generous help, Missio is supporting projects in South Sudan such as the Peace Village in Kuron. This project seeks to undo much of the harm that conflict in the country has fuelled, through workshops, counselling and mediation. Seeing a new generation of young people coming together and living out their faith is definitely something to celebrate.

Help Missio bring peace and heal conflict in many of the world’s war-torn regions. Please pray with us and donate today.

Update and image via Fides news service

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